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ECDL - European Computer Driving licence

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ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence

Welcome to the test centre of ECDL at VOŠ, SŠ and COP Sezimovo Ústí

  • Dates of ECDL Core tests-27.6.2012 at 1 PM in room C160
  • Dates of ECDL Core seminars - they have not been planned yet
  • Email: infoecdl@copsu.cz

To enrol on ECDL tests (Core) fill the application and deliver it signed to the centre. The method of payment depends on agreement (invoice, cash ...). As a confirmation of acceptance of your application you will receive (via email or in person) your user name and pasword to enrol on specific tests\' terms.

(Further links are in PDF and in Czech)

1. What is ECDL

2. Why to choose ECDL?

3. ECDL Sylabus


5. Terms vocabulary

6. Price list

7. The test application - when filled in, deliver the application to above mentioned address

8. Recommended teaching materials for ECDL Sylabus 3.0, 4.0 a 5.0  

For further information contact:

  • Ing. Kašpar Zdeněk, Ph.D.: e-mail: kaspar@copsu.cz , tel: 381 407 405       
  • Mgr. Podhorská Jitka: e-mail: podhorska@copsu.cz, tel: 381 407 402          
  • Mgr. Pejša Jaroslav: e-mail: pejsa@copsu.cz, tel: 381 407 405



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