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General information about school

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Name of the school:

Tertiary Professional School, Secondary School, The Centre of Professional Training, Sezimovo Ústí, Budějovická 421

School identification

School identification:

RN: 12 907 731
Identifier of corporate body: 600 170 438
Rediso: 600 170 438
IZO: Secondary School 012 907 731
Tertiary Professional School 151 027 269

The main activity of the school is to provide secondary education at Secondary School and Tertiary Professional School within the educational programmes which are stated in the list of study courses. The school also provides catering in the school canteen and accommodation in halls of residence. At the same time the school offers other activities according to its founding charter. School educational programmes can be divided into following specializations: Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Economics.

School parts

The school is combined of:

Detached workplaces:

  • Sezimovo Ústí II, Dukelská 639
  • Sezimovo Ústí II, Dukelská 640
  • Sezimovo Ústí II, Lipová 499
  • Sezimovo Ústí II, Pionýrů 641
  • Tábor, Angela Kančeva 2506

School authority

In 11.9.2001 Tertiary Professional School, Secondary School, The Centre of Professional Training, Sezimovo Ústí, Budějovická 421 was founded by the South Bohemian Regional Council president's founding charter as a separate state-funded institution for an indefinite period of time. VOŠ, SŠ, COP is part of the Czech educational framework. In legal relations the school acts on its own authority given by the Founding charter. The school responsibility is based on legal norms (primarily Education Law) and school Founding charter.


A brief history of the school


  • 1939 a branch of Zlín Baťa School of Work started its activities


  • 1940 foundation of State Industrial School which continued with Apprentice School.
    These schools provided lifelong learning together with the Baťa School of Work


  • 1949 establishment of a vocational school called the Centre of Working Adolescents


  • 1952 establishment of State Working Reserves as a state school for vocational education


  • 1954 the State Working Reserves cancelled and education continued at Vocational School
    and Industrial School for Workers


  • 1973 Fields of Mechanical Engineering offered for study as well as four-year courses ending with GCSE exams. At the same time the school also started to specialise in teaching Industrial Automation fields.


  • 1976 Secondary Technical School moved to Tábor.


  • 1979 Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering was established, which issued Certificates of Apprenticeships and GCSEs. Founded by Kovosvit s.p. Sezimovo Ústí.


  • 1991 Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering becomes an independent state-funded organization. It was established by then Ministry of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.


  • 1992 The school was renamed Integrated Secondary School and founded by today´s Ministry of Industry and Trade.


  • 1994 The school changed its name - Integrated Secondary School - The Centre of Vocational Training.
    The school was granted the status of lifelong learning educational centre – a return to the founder´s original intention.


  • 1996 The school is under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports administration.


  • 1999 The school was merged with ISŠ Lipová 499, SÚ and renamed Secondary Technical and Secondary Vocational School - the Centre of Vocational Training, SÚ, Budějovická 421.


  • 2002 The South Bohemian Region became the statutory authority of the school.


  • 2006 Tertiary Technical School teaching started and the name of the school was changed - Tertiary Technical School, Secondary School and Vocational Training Centre, Sezimovo Ústí, Budějovická 421


Fields of activities

COP provides following activities:

1. Students' education :

  • secondary education completed by attaining an apprenticeship certificate in chosen specialization
  • secondary education completed by a maturitní zkouška (school-leaving) examination
  • further secondary education (follow-up programmes) completed by a maturitní zkouška (school-leaving) examination
  • tertiary education awarded by a degree “qualified specialist”

2. Further education:

  • retraining courses, qualification courses, seminars and conferences
  • retraining and qualification courses in cooperation with employment offices, enterprises and other institutions
  • vocational education of pedagogical staff

3. The school also provides:

  • all activities and services connected to the main school activity, such as after-school and leisure time activities, students' and course participants' accommodation, students' catering and other services

4. Methodological support:

  • for providers of detached workplaces where students carry out their vocational practice and for training instructors

5. Professional and consulting services:

  • consulting, information and editorial services
  • verification of basic and experimental pedagogical documents including professional educational activities for pedagogical staff
  • certification of qualification

6. It serves as the Consulting Centre and as a faculty school for the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague

  • Charles University students are being prepared to become teachers of technical courses and vocational trainings; and secondary and vocational schools' educators in South Bohemian region

7. It functions as a common workplace of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU in Prague

  • where CTU, thanks to the joint first year, prepares over 40 students of Bachelor and Master study programmes, mainly students from South Bohemian region

8. It functions as the Consulting Centre of the Faculty of Economy and Management of Czech University of Life Science Prague

  • which has been carrying Bachelor and Master courses of Public Administration and Regional Development; and Business and Administration at COP for several years.

School environment

The school and students' halls of residence form a complex which is located in the centre of Sezimovo Ústí. The complex situated in quiet and calm surroundings and full of green vegetation, creates the appropriate conditions for both, study and leisure time. Sezimovo Ústí II is only five kilometres far away from the district town Tábor and there is a regular bus connection between these two towns. The school has also got several buildings in Tábor.

Open days

From October till February it is possible to visit the school every Wednesday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you wish to visit the school at some other time, please call and we can arrange an appointment. The phone numbers are 381 407 201 or 381 407 202 (School secretariat).

School classrooms and laboratories

Theoretical and practical lessons are carried out in modern school rooms. Computer technology is used during lessons to a large extent. The school has got more then 220 computers which are placed in classrooms. All computers are connected through Microsoft network which allows internal sharing of information among students and pedagogical staff. During the Computer technology lessons the first year students are led to create their own personal email account and also an account at a free web hosting server for placing their presentations there. Both accounts are accessible anytime from any computer connected to the Internet.
Thanks to the internet connection students have got the means how to join the school information system where they can receive important information on school events including links to important documents and other possibilities how to obtain scholarship or employment. Modern classroom equipment guarantees high quality of professional preparation.

Catering and accommodation

All-day catering is provided at school canteen. The school canteen is located in one of the school buildings. Accommodated students currently pay for all-day catering 82 CZK per day which includes breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. For great eaters there is a special offer - second dinner only for 11 CZK. Commuting students usually take only lunch at the cost of 28 CZK. Students can choose from two meals and order it via their smart card. As for accommodation, students can choose to stay in twin-bedded or three-bedded rooms in Sezimovo Ústí for 850 CZK per month or in Tábor for 800 CZK per month. Catering and most of the classrooms are in interconnected buildings. A snack bar is available for all students, teachers and other school staff.

Courses and leisure time activities

Besides theoretical lessons and vocational practice the school creates conditions for extracurricular activities. There is high demand for:

  • above-standard forms of education in complementary and extension courses of computer technology (from the basic PC skills improvement to the computer graphics programming, or Internet mastering), accountancy, typewriting and foreign languages (English, German, Russian), with an option to receive a certificate after completion of a course
  • sports activities in a fitness centre, gyms, a school playground or water activities with school's own boathouse on close-by Lužnice river or artistic gymnastics etc.,
  • literary-dramatic (community theatre club) and poetry reading groups.

Wheelchair access

The school, thanks to its specializations and its building structure (wheelchair access), is prepared for physically challenged students.

Lifelong learning

Since the school is a complex educational institution it offers lifelong learning programs not only for its graduates but also for applicants of all age groups. Further education for adults is becoming a need and a necessity. Nowadays the school provides several retraining and qualification courses, specialized courses, trainings and seminars not only for employment offices but also for a business sector.



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