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Our successes

The Awards from the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic

On 26th June the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic granted a diploma for the excellent results achieved in the partnership program of schools and companies by the project of IQ Industry focusing on teacher training of teachers of vocational subjects and practicing in the industrial companies.



During the meeting firms and academicians and students on Monday 13th October at the University of South Bohemia there were awarded the schools which prepare the graduates for employment in the best way. Our school was the FIRST of all schools there!


Our Successful School Presentation

On days 1st - 3rd October 2014 our school presentation was made in the fair of Education and Craft in České Budějovice. Our exposition was a part of award-winning presented linking education and business - a company ČEZ. Thank for its support.


Memorial Medal of ČVUT for a Significant Cooperation

On 2014/01/15 František Kamlach, a headmaster of this school took over the memorial medal of ČVUT for a significant cooperation between our school and this prestigious technical university. We try to develop this cooperation including the technical lesson publicity, the external examination of ŠVP / School Education Plans /, the participation in the ČVUT education actions, the tender of ČVUT lessons in COP etc.


The 1st place in ROBOcompetition at CTU

On 30th November 2012 the team of our students participated in the 4th year of ROTOcompetition at CTU. 
Jan Mach, Michal Jílek a Lukáš Vališ from Computers and Robotics study field (second place winners in the last year ROBOcompetiton) have won 1st place. As winners they have won 500 GB harddiscs and proceeded to another round where they will compete against university students. Furthermore they have won LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education construction set for our school. We congratulate and thank them for a good school representation.


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Our Students Passed Nuclear Graduation Exam


The Peri-urban Camp Offer


The Excursion in the Nuclear Power Plant of Temelín


The Students´Success in the Regional Round of SOČ


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