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Students' work

The Introducing of VOŠ Graduate Work - Watt's regulator

The author of this VOŠ Graduate Work, the student Patrik Pavlát created a school model of speed control in the hydroelectric power through ´Watt´s centrifugal regulátor. Even the film was made about this work on youtube.


The Project of Interior Light Design

The presentation of Monika Procházková´s graduated work, she studied the field Engineering - computer graphics. She successfully defended this work in the regional round of competition " High-school special aktivity" where she had the 2nd place.


The Animation of Car Ferrari Enzo

The student´s animated movie. Daniel Pokorný´s graduated work, he studied the field Engineering - computer graphics.


Animation of AH-64 Apache helicopter

The school-leaving project of our student Kryštof Palme from the study course Mechanical Engineering - Computer Graphics and Animations. The course is focused not only on classic mechanical engineering but also on those who are interested in digital photography, industry design, computer modelling and animation creation. The assignment was the blade rotor. Everything else is beyond the rotor. It was the student\'s voluntary activity and invention.


Visualisation of the Chocolate Museum in Tábor

The team of our students from the Mechanical Engineering - Computer Graphics and Animations study course prepared the visualisation of interiors and equipment of the future Chocolate Museum in Tábor. The video with visualisation was later attached to the EU Grant application and it was successful. Therefore, also by the work of our students, the museum has been opened since the summer 2012.


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Our Students Passed Nuclear Graduation Exam


The Peri-urban Camp Offer


The Excursion in the Nuclear Power Plant of Temelín


The Students´Success in the Regional Round of SOČ


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