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Department of further education

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Department of further education for physically challenged citizens for better employment

Reg. no.: SROP 3.1 - CZ.04.1.05/

Project implementation: 1.1. 2005 - 31.7. 2005
Project sustainability: to 31.7. 2010.
Final receiver: VOŠ, SS, COP, Sezimovo Ústí Budějovická 421
Region of cohesion: South-West
Programme: Joint Regional Operational Programme (JROP)
Priority: 5.3  Human resource development in regions
Measure: 5.3.1. Infrastructure for human resource development in regions

Project outcome:

To create suitable material and technical conditions for further education of physically challenged citizens by re-building the school building and the first floor in the unused pavilion of former school canteen. Thanks to the project a new wheelchair access areas have been built. Not only classrooms where practical vocational skills can be practiced and attained but also corresponding facilities (locker rooms, sanitary facilities and a respiratory room) have been built. Besides that one computer lab was equipped with ten personal computers. And simultaneously the building has got a new roof insulation, new windows and thermal insulation. 

The project's intention is to provide a comprehensive system of education, including lifelong education, to physically challenged citizens at a newly rebuilt school. One part of the educational system is to attain necessary practical skills according to set target vocational competences which are stated based on employers' requirements. The others are to train them for a selected work position and consequently to place them at the chosen position. Necessary part of it is providing barrier-free accommodation and helping with accompanying services for both participants of educational activities and employers. 

The target group is composed of men and women above the age of 15. The project is focused on helping people with any type of physical challenge. To those who are preparing to enter the employment market, those who have not found employment in their original profession, or to those who became physically challenged later in their life. Our applicants do not need to worry about their age or the level of their previous education. 

Lifelong learning offers sufficient number of study courses to choose from. At first it is focused on basic qualification courses with orientation in handicraft professions such locksmith, fine mechanic, service worker, electrician, model maker, joiner – furniture maker, varnisher, floor layer. Other options are retraining courses for those who attained some education in the past but for their future employment a retraining is necessary. These courses will be focused on more demanding professions in the field of information technologies, microprocessor technology, technological programming, designing on PC, control and regulation and other according to the needs of employers. There is an option for pupils with completed basic education. They can either continue their regular study at a four-year secondary technical course completed by the maturitní zkouška examination or they can choose a three-year study programme completed by attaining an apprenticeship certificate. 

Further information:

Ing. Hana Petrů, tel.: 381 407 401, e-mail:



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