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QualiVET - Quality development and security in technical and vocational education and preparation of mechanical engineering in relation to employment market

Project is financed by European Social Fund within the Leonardo da Vinci programme and co-financed by Czech partner - National Institution of Technical and Vocational Education.

Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria has participated in the project.

Project goal:

To create a quality management system at schools with the focus on education. The attention is concentrated on five basic aspects:

  • School management
  • Teachers' professionalism
  • School climate and culture
  • External relation(parents, employees, public)
  • Results and processes of teaching and learning 

Project outcomes:

Thanks to joint effort of all partners a formulation and a piloting of 28 quality indicators in following fields were formulated:

  • The role of teachers
  • The processes of learning
  • The methods of school teaching and vocational training
  • The curriculum - the content of school teaching and vocational training
  • Learning environment and learning
  • Reflection of school teaching and vocational training

Other outcome of the QualiVET project is the concept of teamwork.

QualiVET and our school:

VOŠ, SŠ, COP Sezimovo Ústí was one of the pilot school where QualiVET project was verified.

The school has carried out its self-evaluation within this project.

  • It distributed and collected many questionnaires among its pedagogical staff.
  • It participated on critical review of the project's final report.
  • It participated on all project's conferences and seminars.

The project's contribution:

  • it teaches to constructively solve problems
  • to systematically and comprehensively assess school activities (curriculum, climate, sources, management or educational outcomes)
  • to comprehensively work on improvement of education
  • to improve cooperation and to motivate pedagogical staff
  • to use feedback to improve "customer approach" (to get feedback from its students, teachers and parents about their satisfaction with the school, school management, conditions for education etc...)

Current constantly accelerating economic and social development which is accompanied by changes of work structure, technologies and professions forces the system of vocational education and preparation to adequately react. The quality of vocational education and preparation requirements are actually very different from the needs of company quality management systems such as ISO 9000 which is also used at schools. We work on the assumption that the quality of schools is the consequence of permanent processes of improvement in order to optimize learning processes and to develop students' competences. Teachers and instructors are the principal pillars of development of quality in vocational education and preparation. The aspect of quality provision is brought to the fore at national and international discussions - at least if it is about using tools to improve vocational education on the system level.

The QualiVET project creates an instrument which serves to improve quality according to adjustable measures. The framework of QualiVET quality development considers particularities of an educational environment with the stress on operational processes, formation and development. Higher goal of the quality development framework is therefore to create new understanding of quality. The framework of QualiVET quality development has been produced to enhance vocational education and preparation at schools and companies. It should help instructors and teachers to lay claims to quality in curricular documents and to develop educational offers.

At the Tertiary Professional School, Secondary School, the Centre of Professional Training in Sezimovo Ústí we do not think of the model of quality development to be a dogma but rather to be a useful project which helps us daily with the process of searching reserves where to improve quality of education process, to effectively use financial sources and to improve working conditions of school employees.

The school, within the framework of the QualiVET project, closely cooperates with the National Institution of Technical and Vocational Education on the project's publicity. It verifies each project's pilots through questionnaires, it participates on project documentation processing, it regularly attends conferences and seminars. We consider school self-evaluation to be the most important part of the project. And its results help us to modern and to enhance the quality of educational process and the school itself. 



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