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Target vocational competences

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Project of MEYS CZ


1. Project philosophy

In years 1993 - 1998 The Centre of Professional Training in Sezimovo Ústí designed its own school curriculum. It was based on the frameworks of the educational programme PHARE VET and supported by generalized experiences of EU vocational schools. Our own educational programmes according to state wide principles of a two-level system of curricula have been established. The content of education is organised in modules.

The work on the strategy of further development of the Czech educational system culminated in years 2000 - 2001. These strategies led to publishing the National Programme for the Development of Education in the Czech Republic, so called White Paper. The stress has been laid on key competences. Newly published curricular documents on the state level have already respected modular teaching and as for vocational part of teaching they have focused on establishing contacts with employers.

In 2003 MEYS CZ announced, as a part of the fulfilment of National Programme for the Development of Education, a developmental programme Promoting professional training. As a part of this programme a new project for our school was approved and realized - Creation of vocational key competences as the system element of the school curriculum.

It is a two-stage creation of school educational programmes and balance of a school curriculum between the knowledge part and acquiring attitudes, values and, above all, competences.

Newly supported orientation is integrated in COP curriculum and can be expressed as a:

transition from learning large number of facts to acquiring skills, attitudes and competences.

Nowadays we could see fundamental and systemic change is the transition from "orientation on the process of education" to "orientation on outcomes of education". In this context school leavers' competences are understood as ability or a qualification to do something based on acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes.

For this purpose competences are defined as a special category of educational outcomes. They represent school leavers' dispositions to action. They are based on activities and not only on knowledge. They include competences, skills, attitudes, values, beliefs and other personal characteristics, which allow them to act appropriately and effectively in different life situations.

School leavers' competences are therefore their output characteristics. Objectives of education must lead to fulfilment of each of the competences. The content of education - curriculum - is a tool for their achievement. It is divided into partial components - educational modules.

2. Outcomes of the MEYS project

1. Creation of a profile of school leavers' vocational key competences and partial vocational competences in following study courses: 

    • 39-41-M/003 Mechatronics
    • 23-41-M/001 Mechanical Engineering - Computer Graphics
    • 26-41-M/002 Electrical Engineering - Computer Systems
    • 23-45-L/005 Mechanic for NC Machines
    • 23-45-L/003 Mechanic Setter - Programming
    • 23-56-H/006 Metal Worker - CNC Machines Operator
    • 26-51-H/002 Electrician - Light Current
    • 26-53-H/001 Mechanic for Electronic Devices
    • 26-57-H/001 Automotive Electrician

2. Integration of target vocational competences into innovated school educational programmes including newly established modules and distribution foundations

3. Suggestions of EuroCert - international certificates, which will allow transparency and comparability of education for COP school leavers in EU countries based on vocational key competences

4. Interactive CD - Target vocational competences which enables:

  • to define target and partial vocational competences as specific educational objectives
  • to establish a bond between target and partial competences and specific professions, modules and distribution foundations and to work with the whole COP school curriculum
  • employers to quickly find a suitable school leaver or specializations according to set requirement such as school leaver's vocational competences

The outcome of the project is possible to obtain by prior agreement with COP in Sezimovo Ústí or here.

The project has strengthened the concept of a school leaver's employability as a complex of competences, specific professional knowledge, general cultural techniques (reading, writing, PC..) and attitudes of a school leaver. The most important is to prepare a school leaver who: * has got the sense of quality * is loyal to a company * has got basic professional preparedness * is able to extend his/her professional knowledge * understands work instructions * is willing to learn * is initiative * is able to cooperate

If you would like to get more information on the project "Target vocational competences" or if you are interested in interactive CD - Target vocational competences contact Ing. Hana Petrů.



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