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Verification and Recognition ...

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UNIV – Recognition of the results of informal learning and non-formal education by networks of schools providing the education service for adults

The project is co-financed by European Social Fund and Czech state budget.

What is the core of the project?:

Lifelong learning is one of the preconditions for increasing productivity of an economic system and development of civic society. Further education is not systematically developed, client-friendly methods are not used in the Czech Republic as much as in other EU countries and the offer of further education is very often too far for many clients.

What will the project bring to its users?:

The project strives to involve more secondary and tertiary professional schools to provide further education to a higher extent. Therefore a network of schools will be created where not only initial education but also programmes for further education will be provided. They will become a place for verification of so called Process of Recognition of former learning results which are knowledge, skills and competences gained in different courses, self-study, spare-time activities (informal education) or during the process of doing their work (informal learning).

New educational programmes will arise:

132 new programmes + the option of Recognition of Informal Education Results




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