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VIP carrer

VIP career - EDUCATION (Vzdělání) INFORMATION (Informace) CONSULTANCY (Poradenství) 

The project is co-financed by European Social Fund and Czech State Budget.

What is the core of the project?:

Elementary and secondary school students are missing information on choice of career. The goal of this project is to provide information, methodical and educational support for career guidance and education which would be implemented at schools. One part of the project is to construct an integrated Information System of School Leavers' Employment at Labour Market (ISA). 

What will the project bring to its users?:

Another important part of the project is to create School Consultancy Departments (SCD) and to provide information, not only on schools' offer of courses and fields of vocational education but also on employment market (e.g. to find out for which study programmes\' school leavers is easy to find employment). And other part of ISA is to create multimedia guide which would help students with all steps of choosing a career.

What services does SCD guarantee?:

Four basic services: Educational advisor, School psychologist, School prevention specialist, Special educator




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