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Green jobs



 Green Jobs - Skills and education as a fundament of perspective Green Jobs in region Mühlviertel – South Bohemia

Project description:

  • Regional profile of ecological management and employment (structure and development of branches, employment, professions and qualification, experts' needs, qualification needs)
  • Regional areas and needs of innovation and technologies for ecological management.
  • Database with the focus on „Green Innovation a Skills“ and work positions (innovation and qualification needs) in specific regional sphere of ecological management.
  • Models for education in the area of „Green Jobs“ with the respect to specific activation conception and preparation of learning (E-Learning and Blended-Learning, virtual learning platform, Train the Trainer)
  • Pilot preparation in cross border context

Specific project objectives:

  • Green Economy – creation on study of regional structure and its capacity with relevant involved subjects
  • study of labour market and detection of regional affected areas with the regards to economical progress and employment in the area of Green Jobs
  • creation of regional database of working positions in the area of Green Skills in chosen branches
  • preparation of relevant and demanded offer of further education in the area of Green Economy for both regions on Czech-Austrian border
  • Implementation of pilot courses in the areas of „Green jobs“ in cooperation with regional companies and employment offices
  • inclusion of all participated project partners to a regular offer of further education

Project realization:

September 2012 – August 2014

This project has been financed from the European Union funds, specifically from the ERDF fund – Operational programme „European Territorial Co-operation (ETCA) Austria - Czech republic 2007-2013“.

Project partners: 

Institut na podporu povolání – BFI – Horní Rakousko

Agrárni komora Horního Rakouska – Institut dalšího vzdělávaní

LIQUA - Ústav pro jakostní analýzu Linz

Jihočeská rozvojová o.p.s.

COP Centrum odborné přípravy Vyšší odborná škola, Střední škola

Ekoport o.s.


European territorial co-operation Austria - Czech republic (ETCA) 2007-2013

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-2013 



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