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Credits at VOŠ

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System of ratings of educational programme in Mechatronics at VOŠ in regards to technical universities

Register number: CZ.1.07/2.1.00/13.0018

Financial support: 1 814 347,94 CZK

Length of implementation: 01.02.2010 - 30.11.2011

Provider: MEYS

Global grant: Tertiary education, research, development

Operational programme: Education for Competitiveness

Project description:

The project’s content has arisen from the need to enhance the education at tertiary professional schools in accordance to conclusions drawn by authorized conceptual materials and findings gained during the implementation of process of cooperation between universities and employers.

The main project goal is to diagnose whether credit system used at mechanical and electro technical universities can be used at tertiary professional schools and how to use it to proceed to a continuous university education.  

Realization of the above specified goal anticipate chiefly:

  • innovation of current content of educational programme with modular teaching organization in accordance with the content of anticipated successive bachelors' study programmes.
  • compilation of methodical materials for implementation of credit systems in teaching.
  • verification of elaborate materials and formation of conditions in a particular educational programme

Project outcomes are set to help other quality improvement of cooperation between universities.

Key activities:

  1. Innovation of educational programme via credit system of assessment
  2. Pilot verification of the teaching system with credit assessment

Project target group:

  1. Tertiary Professional School's Students

  2. Teaching stuff

Project goals:

The main project goal is to increase the efficiency of teaching of “Electrical Engineering – Mechatronic Systems” educational programme by means of creating better condition for permeability to bachelor studies. To reach the stated primary goal means to define specific target competences and their study results as a connecting element between goals and contents of individual educational programmes. Other, no less important, activity is to define conceptual and content structure and organizational procuration of credit system running it the tertiary professional school environment. Last but not least it will be necessary to adjust educational modules in such a way to fully meet the requirements of defined target competences and reflect the possibility of the credit system assessment. Each module would receive allocated number of credits depending on not only extent and difficulty of the content in the module but also on requirements of pre-defined standards of knowledge and skills in bachelor educational programme. This way the elementary conditions for reinforcement of bonds between particular VOŠ educational programme and chosen bachelor study programmes will be created. Consequently, above stated activities would allow smooth transition of graduated VOŠ students to study bachelor’s programmes. At the same time this will help to shorten the time of follow-up bachelor studies depending on the amount of gained and acknowledged credits.

However above stated facts monitor also other secondary goals, mainly:

  • further development of present cooperation with FME and FEE CTU in Prague when implementing the missing university study (electrical and mechanical engineering) in the South Bohemian region
  • increment of quantity based on credits' recognition and above all increase of quality of accepted tertiary mechanical and electrical engineering applicants 

Project outcomes:

  • modular teaching proposal in the conditions of credit system
  • elaborate methodical material
  • proposed and verified modifications of the content of 20 educational programme modules
  • participation of 50 students in the pilot verification


Ing. Hana Petrů, tel.: 381 407 401; e-mail:



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