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Measurement in Mechanical Engineering

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Using  ICT in application for measurement in mechanical engineering

Register number: CZ.1.07/1.1.10/02.0045

Financial support: 975 936,00 CZK

Length of implementation: 1st January 2010 - 30th June 2011

Provider: South Bohemian Regional Council

Global grant: Increasing quality in education in South Bohemian Region

Operational programme: Education for Competitiveness

Project description:

The project has arisen from the need to improve technical education in accordance to outcomes stated in conceptual materials for the vocational education issues and finding gained from the SEP implementation and closer cooperation with employers. The main aim of the project is to create conditions for improvement of the teaching in the area of measurement and check, i.e. to form such a workplace which would provide students with vocational education in the area of using modern measuring devices with ICT application.

Project goal:

The main project goal is to provide students the opportunity to get acquainted with modern ways of measuring. To teach learners to master these devices, to use them to measure, to be able to evaluate measured values, to be able to create measuring records and to attain other skills in order to increase their changes at the labour market.

Simultaneously it is necessary to form appropriate environment for strengthening the educational programmes' crosscurricular bonds. Educational modules will be adjusted so that:

  • in the first part the lessons will be focused on familiarization with different types of measuring devices, their construction and usage when measuring and production. They will be taught not only theoretical (Physics, Mathematics) but also vocational subjects (Information and communication technologies, Technical documentation, Measurement and diagnosis, vocational practice). Their attention will be focused on basic types of measuring devices but also on digital measuring devices with data outputs and PC connection. When completing this part students will be well informed about specifications of each measuring device, their abilities and their usage.
  • in the second part practical lessons in labs and vocational practice in school workrooms or at workplaces of practical lessons will be carried out. Learners will carry out practical measuring, work on computers with recorded values and produce measuring reports. When completing this part the learners will master the process of measuring via different measuring devices used by companies in mechanical engineering production and they will know well how to produce measuring reports.

At the same time students will grasp the meteorology issues and related quality. They will learn to use information technology for measuring, recording, calibration and measuring devices labelling. When completing this course students will be able to join established quality systems in companies.

The project outcomes will be following: a newly created workplace with measuring devices with ICT technologies, strengthening of crosscurricular activities, innovated SEP contents and new written, electronic and practical teaching material such as teaching methodology, a set of models for practical measuring, workbooks for measuring protocols etc.

Target activities:

  1. Using ICT in general educational and vocational subjects.

  2. Implementation of teaching methods, organization forms and teaching activities including module teaching programmes creation with the stress on crosscurricular links which they lead to development of target competences.

  3. Improving conditions for teaching technical study programmes including learners' motivation enhancement to study these programmes.

Project target group:

The school learners are the priority target group. Two hundreds learners studying mechanical engineering study programmes will be involved in the pilot verification. Yet, the project goal implementation is closely connected to the teaching stuff potential since they are the main realizers. Therefore teachers are the secondary target group since higher level of professional knowledge and skills will be required from them for this particular model of lessons.


Ing. Zdeněk Novotný,, tel. 381407400



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