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It is difficult for us, who daily attend the school, to define our exceptionality and uniqueness. Therefore we offer some observations and comments of those who have familiarized themselves with our school:

  • Being awarded "THE BEST EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC" proves the school uniqueness. In 2005 the award was handed over to COP director straight from the Minister of Education while the Czech President and the Czech Prime Minister were present. 
  • We are proud to say that among employers are our students recognized to be professionals in their specializations while universities consider them as promising future students. Uniqueness of our students´ outcomes is prized every year   
  • The uniqueness of our students' outcomes is also demonstrated at regional final of Students' Professional Activities (SPA) competition. Every year our students win several first places.

  • COP is a large school which presents its students the whole spectrum of different branches of study. Furthermore, the students have the opportunity to change their branch of study during their studies according to their interests and abilities. The school can always offer its students and their parents different variants of education.
  • The school has large capacities. Every year about 10 first-grade classes are open. Nevertheless, if the demand is higher and more students apply for some branch of study, additional classes can be open.
  • Our students of four-year study courses have the option to continue their education at our Tertiary Professional School. There they can enhance their professionalism and qualifications and attain the "Diploma Specialist" degree ("DiS." in short).
  • Our students of three-year vocational courses have the option to continue their education at our two-year follow-up courses and complete their education with maturitní zkouška (school-leaving) examination.
  • It is said that the school is one of the most equipped secondary vocational school in the Czech republic. Come and see for yourself.
  • COP is highly respected vocational school and the Czech Ministry of Education and other state and private institutions cooperate with COP on vocational school reforms.
  • Our school is filled with computers - currently there are approximately 250 computers in 8 computer classrooms and specialized workplaces.
  • We use the module system where the syllabus is divided into smaller and easily manageable units. Students know beforehand what skills and knowledge are required to obtain in order to pass a module exam. In case some fail they can resit it.
  • Students' smart identification cards have wide use. Students can electronically order their canteen meals, borrow textbooks, use two modern computer copy/scan machines and other school services.
  • Thanks to smart cards students and their parents can check one's attendance at ON-LINE system of students' attendance. The system can print day or long-term lists of attendance.
  • We are particular about pleasant, tidy and clean school environment.
  • The school has got a very elaborate system of helping students with different learning difficulties. The school has got their own school psychologist. All specific learning disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia etc.) are dealt individually with pedagogical consultants. 
  • The school's orientation on objective technical competences leads towards high valuation by enterprises and universities. 
  • High number of students' projects is solving real and specific tasks from renowned enterprises (Kovosvit a.s., Nuclear Power Plant Temelín, ZVVZ Milevsko a.s., Bosch České Budějovice, etc.). Their valuable work is used in the area of PIC single-chip microprocessors, programmable robots and exploitation of satellite navigation.
  • COP students are also in everyday contact with university students. Integrated project of COP and the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU Prague) allows not only our students but also other applicants to study the most difficult first year of the CTU in Sezimovo Ústí. The curriculum is parallel to the first year of the university in Prague and all lessons are led only by certified teachers from Prague. But final outcomes of students in Sezimovo Ústí are much better than results of their colleagues in Prague. The reason is they have innumerable better conditions for learning and their own Officers in Charge of Education.
  • Lectures from the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague are every week present at COP at DPS lessons which is a good prerequisite for teachers to use modern teaching techniques and methods during teaching COP students. 



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