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Partial qualification

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Professional qualification

The school has been accredited (authorized) to verify the professional level of unqualified applicants. When they successfully pass the final test they attain the "Certificate of Professional Qualification" in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Economics. More information on professional qualifications

The list of professional qualifications offered by COP

Attaining the Certificate of Professional Qualifications (what to do)

Anyone older then 18, with at least basic elementary education or being a participant of a retraining course, can enroll for the Professional Qualification Examination (according to the Employment Act).

The examination is charged. The fee covers costs connected to the examination and is payable on the submission of application for the that examination.

The procedure:

  • get acquainted with requirements and details on particular professional exams on the project websites National Framework of Qualifications
  • fill in the application
  • post the signed filled-in application to the school address or hand it over at our school secretariat (filling office) to register
  • pay the administrative fee before the deadline
  • before the examination takes place submint medical certificate of health competences
  • arrive for the test in time which is set by the recognition authority (our school)
  • when passing succesfully the examination and fulfilling all the assessing standards the recognition authority (our school) will issue a Certificate of the Recognition of Professional Qualifications
  • after passing succesfully all of the required professional qualifications from the particular profession the applicant can enrol on the final exam. When passing a final exam an applicant acquires secondary education completed with certificate of apprenticeship.

Our school offers, with respect to applicants\' interest, such educational courses that are thematically focused on specific professional examinations. Therefore the course-leavers are capable to successfully pass the exam. The price of the educational course is not included in the price of the Professional Qualification Examination and it is necessary to pay it extra.


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