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Study courses offer

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Tertiary Professional School (VOŠ)

  • VOŠ has an accredited educational programme Electrical Engineering - Mechatronic Systems with a credit system of assessment. At the end of the tertiary professional studies one obtain a leaving certificate and the VOŠ graduate's certificate. Furthermore, VOŠ graduates can use the degree "certified specialist" (in short "DiS.") which is placed behind one's name. To study at VOŠ is a good preparation for further studies at any technical university. Moreover, some universities acknowledge credits gained at VOŠ study programmes and consequently allow students to obtain their diploma in shorter time.
  • More about Tertiary Professional School

 Maturita (school-leaving examination) or Certificate of apprenticeship

  • Many students together with their parents ask themselves a question "what is better? A four-year secondary technical course completed by the maturitní zkouška (school-leaving) examination or a three-year vocational course completed by attaining an apprenticeship certificate?". Our school will make your decision easier. Thanks to the joint first year any student can change their type of education from a four-year study course to a vocational course and vice versa without loosing a year of studying. It is possible for those who had entered a four-year course, passed the first year and found out that the study is too difficult to move to the second year of a vocational course. And later, after gaining an apprenticeship certificate to continue at a two-year follow-up course and complete their education with maturitní zkouška (school-leaving) examination anyway. Every year approximately ten students decide to move the other way round. They had been afraid to choose a four-year course completed with the maturitní zkouška examination so they enrolled for a vocational course. But during the first year they discovered that their study outcomes are good. Therefore the second year they decided to continue at a four-year course leading to the maturitní zkouška examination. As you can see it is possible to postpone your final decision until next year.
  • NEW!: An unique opportunity to attain within four years, both apprenticeship certificate and maturitní vysvědčení (secondary school-leaving) certificate! In school year 2012/13 the students who apply and enroll into study courses with reinforced practical training (programmes with code L) will have the unique chance to attain a certificate of apprenticeship in the third grade and the maturitní zkouška certificate in the fourth.
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  • more about three-year vocational courses completed by apprenticeship certificate

 Two-year Follow-up Study Programmes

  • Not only to its students but also to students from the whole region COP as one of few schools offers the option to increase their secondary education with an apprenticeship certificate to secondary education with a maturitní zkouška examination. The applicants' age is not important, only those older than 26 years must pay their social and health insurance. The length of the course is two years for present form of study and three years for distance study.
  • more about follow-up study programmes

 University study

  • Because of contractual cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU and the Faculty of Economics and Management at CUoLS in Prague the school offers to study university study programmes at our school in specially equipped classrooms and laboratories.
  • more about FoME CTU
  • more about FoEE CTU
  • more about FoEM at CUoL



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