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Four-year study courses

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We offer modern four-year study courses. All of our courses are not only good as a preparation for your further profession but also for university studies:

Maturita i výuční list při jednom studiu....

Four-year secondary technical courses completed by the maturitní zkouška (school-leaving) examination

  • Information Technology - Net Maitenance and Programming - suitable for applicants who are interested in all about computers, who like to experiment and who want to learn something new.
  • Computer Graphics and Animations - not only for hard-core machine operators but also for those who are interested in digital photography, computer graphics and animation.
  • Economics and Business - Informatics - non-technical study course aimed at girls and boys who would like to, through effective work, be knowledgeable in the jungle of economics, psychology and marketing.
  • Sport Management - non-technical study course aimed at girls and boys who want to professionally pursue areas of sports as active sportsmen or sports marketing managers in sports clubs.
  • Computers and Robotics - is a study course focused on students who like to desing and build their electrotechnical devices, to programme computers and who would like to work on robot.
  • Automation in Power Engineering- suitable for those who understand today´s dependency on power and want to become perspective experts in energetics.

Four-year secondary technical courses completed by the maturitní zkouška (school-leaving) examination with reinforeced practical training

These courses are an excellent preparation for prompt employment in industrial enterprises as soon as the study is completed. Yet, very often students continue in their studies at universities or tertiary professional schools. Besides, students admitted at these courses in the academic year 2012/13 get a unique opportunity to obtain, within their standard four-year study programme, not only the school-leaving certificate (maturitní vysvědčení) but in the third grade the apprenticeship certificate. More information here.


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