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Economics and Business - Informatics

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  • The school graduates of the educational programme Economics and Business - Informatics acquire knowledges typical for production and business activities of corresponding specialization.
  • The core of their professional knowledges and skills lies in the area of creating conditions for development of their own business activities.
  • The typical feature of the school graduates is the ability to work independently at assigned work position, together with conscious and effective employment of modern technical equipment including information and communication technologies, especially in the area of automation management systems at companies and institutions where they can use the wide knowledge of IT, basic economics and necessary Výuka na učebně C127SW and HW.
  • School graduates can find employment in companies and institutions where computer technology plays a dominant role in the field of marketing and information technology.
  • In production plants and businesses, promotion and sales departments or in self-government offices.
  • Suitable for girls and boys.
  • Moreover it is a good preparation for a university education.

Some of acquired skills:

  • using computer technology for business management and work organization, business economics and accounting
  • management of different types of companies and organizations
  • logistics of different types of stock control
  • efective money management via instruments of financial markets
  • using office applications and system of business management
  • creating presentations via SW and graphical tools
  • using Internet and creating web pages
  • stylization of legal and personnel documents
  • mastering Quality Management System
  • mastering principles of ecology and effective package management
  • using two foreign languages to communicate and attain professional information

Course code: 63-41-M/01

Application to download

Examples of our student´ works:

 Poster Kateřina PanskáPoster Lenka JandováPoster Jana RemenárováPoster Jiřina PalusováPoster Jan Šafránek


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