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Information Technology - Net Maitenance and Programming

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  • The school graduates of the educational programme Information Technology - Net Maintenance and Programming acquire knowledge in the field of maintenance of information system, operation systems, computer networks and configuration of network devices. School graduates have Programování systémůgeneral knowledge and know how to use technologies for standard administrative work and company presentation including creation of web pages. They use graphical programmes, database systems and write applications via programming language.
  • Students of this study programme are prepared, both theoretically and practically, to maintain LAN and WAN computer network. They are familiarized with the basics of network communication records such as IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, SMTP, IMAP, POP, DNS and others. Further they know to project small and middle-size networks and learn the basics of projecting large networks from basic practical tasks such as production of UTP cabling with RJ45 connectors, to assembling and disassembling of stations and their connecting to different types of networks.
  • Students know how to configure stations to connect to peer - to - peer or client - server networks. Further they learn, in practice, about the configuration of Microsoft and Linux operational system networks, especially about the configuration of different server/domain roles: file domain, application domain, print server, DNS servers, web and mail servers, domain controller.
  • Part of the practical assignments is to put small peer-to-peer networks in commission, to bring middle-size client-server network into operation including basic network administration such as "active directory" database, to solve the system of authorities, authorization and policies???. Further they know to put web server into operation and to write a web applications via PHP and MySQL database servers (aspNET a MS SQL in future).
  • Besides knowledge about computer network administration students learn the general knowledge regarding language C# programming, web creation (XHTML, PHP, MySQL) and from the area of raster, vector and engineering graphics, Microsoft Office and computer SW and HW.
  • The school graduates of this course will find employment in such areas where good knowledge of IT is necessary. They are usually employed as technicians, IT specialists, computer network administrators, servicemen, computer and automation technology workers. Theoretical knowledge acquired here is a good prerequisite for further study at universities or tertiary professional schools. Attained practical skills enable fast integration.

Students attend compulsory subjects and they can choose from facultative and optional modules to create ones´ individual study profile. The results of education are defined via competences in Frame Educational Programme which is further enlarged and supplemented in School Educational Programme.

Successful school graduates acquire professional knowledge, skills and attitudes to become experts in their professions.

Some of the acquired skills:

  • Writing an application to solve given tasks.
  • Proposal, creation and maintenance of a local computer network.
  • Creating presentations via multimedia and graphical tools
  • Programming of applications and databases via specific programmable tools.
  • Proposal and programming of web pages or applications.
  • Programming applications for modern ICT media (e.g. smart phone)
  • Usage of information technologies to diagnose states and detection of machine and tool failures, suggestion of remedies.
  • Usage of a chosen foreign language to communicate and attain professional information.

    Course code: 18-20-M/01

Application to download

Examples of our students' works:


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