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Mechanic Programmer - Technological Working Places Programming and Operating

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  • The school graduates of the educational programme Mechanic Programmer - Technological Working Places Programming and Operating acquire knowledge in the field of technical mechanical engineering. The core of their professional knowledge and skills lies in the area of mechanical engineering, technological working places programming and operating. Further they are specialized in designing, basics of computer graphics and information and communication technologies.
  • The typical feature of the school graduates is the ability to work independently at assigned work position, together with conscious and effective employment of modern technical equipment including information and communication technologies as a programmer and operator of automated systems and production lines, a technological working places programmer and operator, and a process engineer at preparation and production departments.Programování CNC stroje
  • This profession is very often required by employers.
  • This study course is suitable for both, girls and boys.

NEW!: Students admitted at this course in the academic year 2012/13 will get a unique opportunity to obtain, within their standard four-year study programme, not only the school-leaving certificate (maturitní vysvědčení) but in the third grade the apprenticeship certificate in a study field Metal Worker - CNC Machines Operator.

Students attend compulsory subjects and they can choose from facultative and optional modules to create ones´ individual study profile. The results of education are defined via competences in Frame Educational Programme which is further enlarged and supplemented in School Educational Programme.

Successful school graduates, after passing school-leaving exam, acquire professional knowledge, skills and attitudes to become experts in their professions.

Some of the acquired skills:

  • CNC machines and systems adjustment for production
  • computer assembling of technological procedure
  • programming a numerical control programme at a computer and a machine, programme debugging
  • proposing and creation of multimedia presentations
  • control and programming of industrial robots and handling devices
  • measuring and a quality check by means of computers with specialized software
  • creating presentations via SW and graphical tools
  • knowledge of industrially used professional programmes (AutoCAD, SolidEdge, EdgeCAM, atd.)
  • usage of computer software to solve given tasks
  • usage of a chosen foreign language to communicate and attain professional information

Course code: 23-45-L/01

FEP of the study course: Mechanic Programmer

Appliccation to donwload

Our students´ successes: Our students of this study programme regularly and successfully participate on different competitions oriented on mechanical engineering and CNC machines programming.

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