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Tertiary Professional School study courses

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 Why to study at our VOŠ (Tertiary Professional School)?

Výuka na VOŠSchool graduates of the educational programme 26-41-N/01 Electrical Engineering - Mechatronic Systems has the knowledge of interdisciplinary problems of mechatronic systems. The focus of their professional knowledge and skills is in the area of electrical and mechanical engineering and complex automation. The distinctive quality of our graduate is not only mechanical use of school-taught ideas and skills but development of intellectual powers and systematic proceeding when solving problems which is indispensable for any technical expert.

Information about any subject, organization of the study and possible employment of our school graduates can be found at (in CZ only).

Lessons take place in top equipped laboratoriesLaboratoř automatizace

  • Laboratory of applied informatics
  • Laboratory of CNC machines
  • Laboratory of pneumatics and electrical pneumatics
  • Laboratory of process automation
  • Laboratory of control systems
  • Laboratory of sensorics and drives
  • Laboratory of security systems

Students of the first grade acquaint with all of our laboratories in the motivational subject called Laboratories.

Other advantages

  • Part of the study programme is a one-semester vocational practice at a company according to one's choice.
  • We cooperate with many regional companies such as ČEZ a.s., PP Temelín, VSP Data etc.
  • We emphasis students' individual and team work and their ability to present results of their own work.
  • We have an approved educational programme with a credit system of assessment which brings students many advantages.
    • It the second grade students can choose one of our three specializations (Mechatronics, Information and Control Equipment, Automation in Power Engineering).
    • Recognition of our subjects at some universities and consequently attaining bachelor's degree in shorter time - Contract with the University of South Bohemia.
    • School-time reduction (approx 26 lessons per week) and more time for homework, project solving and individual consultations.
    • Continuing at higher grades even without passing all subjects.
    • Choice of facultative and optional subjects.
    • Bigger interconnection and continuity of individual subjects.

If you are interested, email us at or call 381 407 101, 381 407 201, ideally contact us to arrange a personal appointment. 




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