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Electrical Engineering - Mechatronics systems

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Tertiary Professional School (VOŠ) has been accredited to provide three-year educational programme 26 - 41 - N/01 Electrical Engineering – Mechatronic Systems. When students finish the joint (equalizing) first  year they can choose one of the specializations:

Short characteristics of each specialization

 Mechatronics represents synergic integration of mechanical and electrical  engineering and computer control systems. It is a modern technical branch of study which covers analysis, synthesis and operation of computer controlled machines, processes and devices. Mechatronical approach is necessary especially in the stage of development and production when a new product gets new functionalities and larger intelligence (programmability, self-controllability, adaptiveness, self-diagnostics, communication, self-repair etc.) The curriculum of Mechatronics endorse parallel engineering - system and team approach to development and innovation of technical objects. The school graduates are endowed with new abilities and skills such as inter-disciplinary, creative and systematic character. Modern approaches in development and production are strongly supported  by software tools.

Učebna C227Information and Control Systems is oriented on systems behaviour analysis, computer models formation, design and realization of control algorithms, PLC robots programming, design of regulation circuits and programming. Students work with modern control technologies and quality computer software.



Automation in Power Engineering is aimed mainly at electrical machines (motors, transformers), principles of electromechanical transformation of energy, transmission and distribution of electric power, projecting and installation of electric heavy current distribution systems in housing and industrial buildings, wire dimensioning, basics of safety fuses usage and earthling in electrical circuits, electric power production and electro-energetic system operation.

Teaching at VOŠ

Theoretical preparation takes place through lectures, seminars, excursions, homework and consultations all in accordance to the accredited educational programme. 

All subjects are usually taught as such: Lecture - homework - seminar - homework. At first, a topic is introduced in a lecture. Students learnt it (basic facts and skills) to get prepared themselves for a seminar where the topic is actively and thoroughly exercised (knowledge is deepen and/or rectified). Afterwards more complex assignment is set as homework and solved (e.g. in teams) in order to reach deeper knowledge and coherence. 16 weeks long semester is followed by a three-week-long exam-period.



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