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Electrical Engineering

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The study course:

  • length of the course - 2 years 
  • the course deepens and extends knowledge from the vocational course 
  • it extends the competences of microprocessor systems
  • this field of study focuses on vocational, technical site of small and large plants and professional management of own companies 
  • instead of applying a traditional curriculum, a modular teaching is used. During lessons COP students are asked to work on own students\' projects. 
  • lessons take place in modern classrooms and labs
  • prepares for the maturitní zkouška (school leaving) examination from Czech language and literature, Mathematics or a foreign language, and Electrical Engineering vocational subjects.

A school graduate:

  • when passing the maturitní zkouška (school leaving) examination the school leaver is ready to perform demanding vocational work in the field of Electrical Engineering
  • is capable to run technically oriented production, checking and service operation
  • zvládá náročná elektronická schémata. Chápe a využívá funkcí jednotlivých bloků
  • knows how to read difficult electro-technical drawings and documents
  • acquires a specialization according to employers\' requirements
  • masters computer skills and modern measurement technologies
  • is knowledgeable in issues of automation processes
  • is capable to design microprocessor system
  • can be employed as a service assembler, a diagnostician, a self-employed repairer, or as a salesman of demanding electrotechnics or at a development department of electro-technical computer controlled devices 
  • is ready for studying at a university or a tertiary professional school


The study course:

  • length of the course - 2 years 
  • lessons are held once a week usually on Fridays from 2:15 PM to 7:15 PM 


Course code: 26-41-L/52

Application to download (in CZ)



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