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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU in Prague

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Information on the parallel first year of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU in Prague which is being carried out at the Centre of Professional Training Sezimovo Ústí

1) General information

  • it is a present (formerly "daily") form of study
  • the parallel first year takes place at COP Sezimovo Ústí and after its successful completion it continues from the second year in Prague
  • all lessons are led only by certified teachers from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU in Prague according to valid curricula 
  • VOŠ, SŠ, COP Sezimovo Ústí provides sufficient technical and vocational facilities and equipment, accommodation, catering and other organization services to assure lessons and students\' extracurricular activities 

2) Open study programmes:

Bachelor\'s study programme:

(the choice of study field is possible at the end of second year of study)

  • Transportation and Handling Technology
  • Environmental Engineering, Thermal Power and Process Engineering
  • Manufacturing Technology and Management
  • Production Engineering
  • Information and Automation Technology
  • Applied Mechanics for Bachelors

After successful completion of four-year Bachelor\'s study programme a student can continue at a CONSECUTIVE MASTER\'S STUDY PROGRAMME.

Study fields of consecutive Master\'s study programme:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Production Machines and Equipment
  • Power Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Enterprise Management and Economics
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Transportation and Handling Technology
  • Materials Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics and Mechatronics
  • Mathematical Modelling in Engineering
  • Process Engineering

Standard period of study of consecutive Master\'s study programme is 2 academic years (4 semesters)

3) The advantages of parallel first year in Sezimovo Ústí

  • bringing university studies of technical field closer to commuting students
  • certain accommodation
  • unlimited and free Internet access
  • the price of accommodation
  • price of all-day catering
  • calm and quiet environment for studying
  • significant reduction of study costs

Application submission:

  • Applications are submitted to Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU in Prague 6, Technická 4, postcode: 166 07
  • The last date for submission is 30.4.2012
  • Further information: 

Deputy Head of the Department for Study and Student Affairs FME CTU

Telefon : 224 352 572 , Fax : 233 332 270


Ing. Hana Petrů, VOŠ, SŠ, COP Sezimovo Ústí
Telefon : 381 407 402, e-mail:



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